Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer- day two(:

So today was freaking halairious!
I wish I took pictures:/
So first off I stayed in bed for like an hour haha lazy me.
And then I got up around 10 and me and megan(baby sister) watched 27 dresses and ate breakfast.
After awhile we got bored and decided to clean the pool deck and megan was being blahh and so I pretended to be a jedi with the pool noodles and accidently fell into the pool! It was sooo fucking halairious!
After I took a shower I went to my papa and annoyed him for a bit.
Soon after I took megan to bellair and we bought some chicken and greek salad shit and went home and just acted like crazy mo fo's!
lol Sooooooo an hour later my bestfriendddd katie texted me saying matty got her as hostage and I didn't think much of it and they showed up my house!
It was funny considering I was going to kill matty for some shit.

lol he took me and katie to the ocean walk and we pretended to be tourists which is sooo much fun lol. I was like "Can you tell me where disney world is? I thought it was right around the corner but that shit don't look like the commercials!" and the tourist looked at us like we were smoking shit. lmao.
Afterwards we went back to my house and matty left (jackass) and I made some chicken wraps and they were BEYOND AMAZING! (lol i'm a bad cook so this is a major improvement) lol and the chicken was to die for! Katie left and i'm leaving for jacksonville tomorrow:/ ohhhh well I'll see her in like a week or twoooooo:] lol
I love summer break! Even though its the second day(:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank You

Thank You,
For calling me goth, emo, punk,weirdo.
Everyday when you get out of school I hear your fake cough calling me emo.
Calling me Goth.
I don't really like labels but you make them sound fun.
When I look at you calling me those names I think,
"So your the one lowering my self-esteem? Making me want to kill myself?"
Don't worry.
I don't want my death to be on your subconscous.
It wasn't you who pushed me over the edge.
Or so people say.
They want the pretty girls and boys to have a care free life.

Its okay I don't mind a "good life"
I'm just not good with you.
You make me hate myself more and more.
Too the point if death.
Too the point I want to take everyone with me.
But you only call me those names to make you feel better.
You think that your taking pitty on me when you say "hello."
But I've seen you with your group of friends.
If thats what you call them.
You have to be what they want you to be.
When you look at me I see in your eyes, Envy.
You can't stand that I'm happy with who I am.
And that you're not.
That I can like different things and people still like me.
And if they don't, It doesn't bother me.
And you just can't stand it.
That you can't be your own self.
You just have to be whatever everyone wants you to be.
Not what you think you ought to be.
You may hate me,
But at least I can be what I want to be.
Thank you for showing me what you think of me,
From just one glance.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change in the World?

Change in the world?

Why does everyone (mostly everyone) say they will make change but won't do anything about it? I'll tell you why, they are scared. Scared of being judged, publicly humiliated, and or harrassed. Well I may only be sixteen but I can see whats actually going on. All the politics in our government won't even make a change! People are loosing jobs and living out on the streets everyday! Also wouldn't you think that the government would've lowered the gas prices by now? I mean, due to the sky rocketing prices of gas, hardly anyone can go anywhere. Which doesn't put money in anybody's pockets. NEWSFLASH! The lower the prices the more money you get. We are heading into another Great Depression! History is about to repeat itself, its only a matter of time till it happens. And what about the Iraqee war? This war has been going on for centuries and America was pretty much dragged into it. Now all the fighting is pointless but hardly anyone (in our government anyways) cares. I say we just quit the war and let the Iraqee people work it out themselves. Also I am proud of the gay and lesbian people! They make small changes everyday whether they know it or not. They are pretty much taking a stand that everyone is free to love whomever they choose to love. If you ever want to change the world, all you have to do is do a simple act of kindness everyday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Do People Judge?

Why do people judge?

Everyday 1 out of 3 people judge others while they complain about people judging them. What is up with that? Why do people judge anyway? NEWSFLASH people we are all the same except for different personalities. It doesn't matter if your black, white, hispanic, retarded, etc, we all have skin, we all have hearts, and we all have minds but no one is speaking up. Did you know that judging people is one of the main causes for suicide? 9 people commit suicide every 10 seconds because of people judging them harshly. Why do we have cliches? They are all pretty much the same. In my oppinion I think the world is a sick twisted place, and who cares if a person is a "slut" technically everyone is a slut just some people like sex more than others thats all. We are all hippicrits! You may think i'm a bitch or whatever but you gotta admit I am mostly right. Why do people even judge on religion? Personally I don't believe in "God" but I do think that there is a higher power up there and I call him Buddy. I'm just weird like that haha. But anyways next time you judge a person or thinking about judging, take a look in the mirror and judge yourself and think about your judgements and stand up and fight for whats right.